Turn Signal Kits for Polaris Ranger UTVs

Our headlight replacements with built-in turn signals are available for Ranger XP 1000 models (2018-2025), 1000 (NON-XP 2020-2025), and SP 570 (2022-2024). These replacement headlights not only match the style and functionality of OEM headlights, but also come equipped with built-in turn signals. Ranger customers can now have the unique style of an OEM matching turn signal kit, just like our other top-selling kits. For XP1000 models, the angled eyebrow portion doubles as a white running light and will flash amber whenever turn signal or hazard is used.  Please note that Ranger XP1000 models and Ranger 1000 (non-XP models/SOHC) models utilize different headlights.

The Ranger XD 1500 turn signal kits are designed to use the factory taillights for rear indicators, and feature 3/4" round LEDs with smoked lenses for the front indicators. Horn Kits, Horn/Hazard Combo Rocker Switches, Dash Light Kits and Model Specific LED Plate Brackets are all available for this new SXS. Due to limited factory rocker switch locations, switch panels will be included with the turn signal kits for easy installation of the turn signal rocker and horn/hazard combo rocker switches to the left of the steering wheel.

Installing a turn signal kit in your Polaris Ranger UTV has never been easier or more reliable! Our kit utilizes the factory rear taillights to provide a completely OEM rear indicator look, and includes four super bright 3/4" LEDs for front indicators. For compatible models, we offer headlight replacements with built-in turn signals as an upgrade. The hazard feature upgrade will include a separate switch to activate the 4-way flashers. Select Horn/Hazard Combo to include an automobile-grade horn and get both of these popular upgrades on a single convenient switch (available on select years/models). All Corbin Custom Works turn signal kits come with thorough, easy-to-read, and illustrated installation guides that make installation a snap.

Polaris Ranger Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit


  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Plugs into the factory wiring harness, no cutting or splicing
  • Uses factory matching weatherproof connectors
  • Uses factory tail lights for rear indicators
  • Easy to install dual 3/4" LEDs for front indicators
  • 40-second auto-shutoff
  • Authentic Carling rocker switches
  • Custom laser-etched and lit rocker switch faces
  • Factory matched switch faces available for compatible models
  • Hazard switch upgrade available
  • Headlight Replacement option will install in OEM headlight light locations with no modifications necessary. *available on compatible models only.
  • Fully illustrated installation guide included
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (see details)
  • Handmade and tested in the USA!

Compatible Models

  • 2017-2022 Polaris Ranger 500
  • 2015-2021 Polaris Ranger 570 (Mid-Size)
  • 2022-2024 Polaris Ranger SP 570 - with factory-matched rocker switches!
  • 2015-2024 Polaris Ranger 570 (Full-Size)
  • 2016 Polaris Ranger XP 570 (Full-Size)
  • 2011-2014 Polaris Ranger 800
  • 2013-2019 Polaris Ranger 900
  • 2016-2025 Polaris Ranger 1000/XP 1000 - with factory-matched rocker switches!
  • 2024 Polaris Ranger XD 1500
  • 2/4 seat options available

Tips for Ordering

  • There are variations in harness length per model variation. Please select the applicable model when ordering.
  • The full-size Polaris Ranger 570 is available in two different models. The easiest way to identify the difference between the two styles is by the style of cage and location of the instrument cluster. A standard Ranger 570 will have a round tube cage and have the instrument cluster located at the center of the dash. Polaris Ranger 570s with the Pro-Fit cage have an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.
  • The 2018-2025 Polaris Ranger 1000 and 2022-2024 SP 570 models feature factory-matched rocker switches.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support@corbincustomworks.com or (208) 292-4172.

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