Dash Indicator Wiring - Polaris

Turn Signal Indicator Wires for Instrument Cluster

These wires will connect the Corbin Custom Works Turn Signal Kit to your Instrument Cluster to operate the factory turn signal indicators. Important! Please read the compatibility notes below.

This wiring is only compatible with instrument clusters that have the indicators built-in. Check your cluster for these arrows before proceeding.

  • Not compatible with 4" LCD Digital Gauge. 
  • Vehicles with round analog speedometers have a left and right arrow, but they share the same light bulb for illumination and will flash both arrows regardless of direction.
  • Some newer vehicles with dual-sweep analog speedometer and tachometer may have turn indicators that do not function while the engine is running. This issue is due to the instrumentation programming and there is currently no simple correction.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support@corbincustomworks.com or (208) 292-4172.