2020-2024 Defender Running Light Harness for Signature Lights

2020-2024 Defender Running Light Harness for Signature Lights. This harness will power your white Defender Signature Lights anytime the ignition is on. Plug and play design will bypass the headlight switch allowing the Signature Lights to function as white daytime running lights. Color photo installation instructions are included for easy installation with a few tools. Compatible with Can-am Signature lights and Corbin Turn signal kits with Ghost Lights.

Note: This harness is only to have your Signature/Ghost lights on with the ignition and not controlled by the headlight switch.

This harness is not required if you are upgrading your Defender with Signature/Ghost Lights. It is only required if you want the Ghost lights activated when the key is turned on. 


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support@corbincustomworks.com or (208) 292-4172.

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